What will you learn?

Summary of Course:

As a result of the global pandemic, we were thrust into remote work, childcare halted, and businesses closed, seemingly overnight, turning our everyday lives into an ‘all at once’ and ‘all in the same place’ triage for survival. Now, more than ever, leaders and managers need tools to productively navigate a remote workforce. In this course, we will illustrate how disconnection in physical space can be bridged with increased empathy in communication and leadership. We will also give you practical solutions, examples and practice exercises that can be immediately applied to your organization to strengthen your culture and work systems long-term. 

This e-course addresses the pressing relevancy of navigating a remote workforce, recently caused by the abrupt change in work structure due to Covid-19, and practical solutions to apply empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership as a strategy to strengthen an organization’s culture and work systems long-term.

PwC’s US Remote Work Survey (June 25, 2020), found that while many office workers prefer more flexible work schedules post Covid-19, they are also seeking support with setting work-life boundaries. Increased flexibility in remote work also increases expanding work hours. Many employees are unclear of what is expected of them and this lack of clarity could negatively impact an employee’s performance, an organization’s culture, and overall productivity.

At Prowess, flexible/remote work, empathy and emotional intelligence have always been at the heart of our business model. This course brings to life our guiding values of empathetic remote leadership to serve as a roadmap for other organizations who are striving to not only survive but thrive in agile, compassionate, productive, and inclusive workplaces.