Soar to 6-Figures Becoming an Online Business Manager 

Your Roadmap to a Flexible, High-Paying Career as an OBM!

Join our FREE 3-day workshop that delivers the blueprint to kickstart your career as an Online Business Manager and land clients right away!

📆 Dates: March 25-27th, 2024

⏰ Time: 12 -1 pm CT (Replays Available)

Are You Ready to Transform Your Jill-of-All-Trades Work-Style? 

Discover how you can leverage your management skills, operational efficiency, love for technology and desire for work-life balance into a lucrative career that makes BIG impact! 

What's in Store for You:

Our FREE 3-day workshop where you'll get a step-by-step guide on how to transition into being a booked Online Business Manager. You'll walk away with... 

  • Day 1: Roadmap to Align Your OBM Skills
    • Uncover what makes a booked OBM and if it aligns with your dream life
    • Visualize a day in the life of a successful OBM 
  • Day 2: How to Solve the Problems OBM Clients Have
    • Dive deep into who hires OBMs and why – with insights straight from a CEO.
    • Grasp the massive demand for OBMs - we get 3 CEOs calling to hire OBMs a day!
  • Day 3: Real Stories from OBMs Who Took The Leap  
    • Hear firsthand experiences and lear dos and don'ts from a panel of OBMs,
    • Discover the earning poretnial and how OBMs like Linda are making $100K+ 

and if you're itchin' for more...attend the BONUS SESSIONS!

  • 🌟BONUS🌟 Day 4: Top 3 Tips to Get OBM Clients 
    • Must-haves for landing the RIGHT clients.
    • Steps on how 70% of our OBMs secure clients in less than 3 months. 
  • 🌟BONUS🌟 Day 5: VIP Q&A 
    • How AI is your secret weapon!
    • How YOU can use Prowess as a client pipeline. 
    • A lil somethin' extra, bc that's how we roll. 
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Hear Directly from Our Successful OBMs and Clients

"I've gotten 5 clients through Prowess, and on track to make $100K!"

- Linda, Prowess OBM

"We'd be lost without my OBM. It's the best financial decision we've made in our business!"

- Carissa, Prowess Client who hired an OBM

Meet your Guides: Ashley & Leah

Ashley and Leah, the dynamic duo behind Prowess Project, have been pairing visionaries and integrators (OBMs) for years! Together, they saw the need for Online Business Managers and have validated the market need with 1000s of online CEOs. These CEOs are knockin' down our door to hire our trained OBMs – and YOU could be next!

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Who Is This Workshop For? 

  • If you love technology and systems.
  • If you're AI-curious.
  • If you desire flexibility to work when and where you want.
  • If you want to make a significant impact on businesses.
  • If you're aiming for a 6-figure income.
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The OBM Opportunity is Here – Are You In? 

Join us March 25-27th to start your journey towards becoming a high-earning Online Business Manager.

📆 Dates: March 25-27th 2024

⏰ Time: 12 -1 pm CT (Replays Available)