The OBM Opportunity 

Soar to 6-Figures Becoming an Online Business Manager 

Join our FREE 3-day workshop to learn how to start a flexible, lucrative career where your operations know-how makes massive impact. 

January 23 - 25, 2023

1-2 pm CT (replays available)

Ready to make the impact as the Jill-of-all-trades you've always been?

Join us on Monday, Jan 23-25 for...

Our FREE 3-day workshop where your favorite visionary/implementor duo will be painting the picture of ...

  • Mon, Jan. 23rd - WHAT the heck is an OBM?
    • What an Online Business Manager is
    • How a day-in-the-life could look
    • Is that in alignment with your dream life? 
  • Tues, Jan. 24th - WHO the heck hires them? 
    • Hear from a high-ticket coach on what she looks for in an OBM!
    • Learn the MASSIVE need & shortage AKA OPPORTUNITY
    • Steps to be an OBM
  • Wed, Jan 25th - HEAR from OBMs who started just like you! 
    • Meet a panel of OBMs who already took the leap
    • Dos and Don'ts of their journey
    • What the earning potential is 

"The workshop showed me how I could pull together all my experience and become an OBM!"

- Magda, COO & mom of 2 turned OBM

Hear directly from a potential client...

Don't take our word for it.  We are bringing you a high-ticket coach who  says having an OBM on her team would be a "game-changer".  She's spilling exactly what she would want in an OBM.

And an OBM who took the leap 

Can't be what you can't see. We're having an OBM share what it's like on the other side of making the career pivot to becoming an OBM.  


About the Prowess Team

Ashley and Leah have been paired as visionary and integrator for years. Together, they saw the need for Online Business Managers in market and have validated this need with 1000s of online coaches & consultants. If there is a team to help you step into an OBM role, it's Ashley & Leah.


Ready to kick-off 2023 in a career that feels right? 

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The OBM Opportunity

Soaring to 6-Figures Becoming an Online Business Manager


January 23-25 from 1-2 PM CST